Yay! Our Inner Skeptics (or: Prove to yourself the Power of Law of Attraction)

Our inner skeptics are often pretty well developed. And that’s a good thing! Prove to yourself the power and precision of Law of Attraction by watching for evidence that what you focus on grows.  There’s endless ways! What ones work easily for you? My first car was a little orange Honda Civic. When I bought it, I hadn’t seen any. Once I started driving it, seemed like they were all over the place! OR: think about hummingbirds (or something of the like that you have no resistance about). Think about the details about hummingbirds. About how masterful they are at flying. So much so, that they are the only creature that can actually fly backwards! What other cool details are there about hummingbirds? Spend a while focused on hummingbirds. Now watch over the next little while ~ hummingbirds can come to you in so many ways! From pictures to flowers, they’ll show up! Give your skeptic the information it is looking for. Show it that the Law of Attraction is reliable and consistent. Post below any ways you have come to know that what you focus on grows!