How do you cure sloppy focus? OR: Morning Practice To Start Your Day

It’s official! Pretty much any wellness oriented school of thought recommends some form of meditation. The advantage of doing even  5 -15 minutes, first in the morning, is marked. The first thing in the morning part is hard for some; getting up earlier isn’t calling them! However, the difference is significant! If you allow yourself that time first thing in the morning, before you already have a lot of momentum to your focus, the effect of starting your day out feeling better has an exponential impact over time. Is there any way at all you can use 5 of your morning minutes to be still in any way? Even if it’s just to stop and breathe intentionally and deeply for one minute, this practice is an investment in your focus! Later on, you’ll be less likely to have to clean up messes from sloppy focus, kinda like the old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!