I had been studying the principles of the Law of Attraction for 3 years prior to working with Sandi. Studying the LOA and putting it all into practice are two different things entirely.

I was really struggling to understand and deliberately direct my emotions and mental focus.

Sandi helped me on several levels. Her background as a mental health care professional paired with me being a physician worked perfectly for me.

Prior to meeting Sandi I had put out a written intent to become a master at deliberately creating my life and in a very synchronous way I was introduced to Sandi. I had been to a therapist in the past which only served to more securely ingrain the baggage and old hurts that I had.

On the internet today you can hardly pass up this person and that person hanging out a shingle as a “coach”. I believe that background and education are important when messing with a person’s psyche.

Sandi’s background is impressive. She is a master deliberate creator and a very caring and generous person. She has the reputation of getting very fast results with her clients. I, however, going into working with Sandi expressed the desire to work for a longer period of time as I had a long laundry list of issues that I wanted to clean out of my system for good. The process was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

Through Sandi’s skill and finesse she helped me release decades of baggage and form a new empowering mindset, behavior, and emotional patterns. She also turned me into a master at utilizing the Law of Attraction. She helped me understand the fine nuances of the Universal guidance around me and inside of me through my emotions, dreams, other people and their behavior.

It’s amazing everything that I learned from Sandi. I feel like a Jedi Warrior now. The flood gates are now open for me and I am now gloriously moving downstream….and “yes”, Abraham is right, the manifestations are even better than you imagined. – LB, Iowa


My working with Sandi has been a very powerful experience in assisting me to hone in on my core issues and beliefs with astounding clarity. She is very adept locating these beliefs and truths, as well as compassionate and encouraging throughout the process.

Before I started the coaching with Sandi, I was often confused and feeling very stuck, finding it difficult to continue my personal growth process at the pace I was desiring. Since my work with Sandi, I have much more clarity, confidence and more fully understand the Law of Attraction. Her adept skills in the use of this process has been a major catalyst in my movement towards my goals of Happiness and true Contentment.

Through my work with Sandi, I am able to move through any obstacles that have stood in my way and see with clarity, thusly allowing me to obtain my goals both personally and professionally!! How can you put a price tag on your ultimate happiness, which of course, does encompass fulfilling your every desire.? – KB, Oregon


Sandi Phillips is the best coach I know.

In these days of everyone and anyone setting out coaching shingles, Sandi is the genuine article.

Coaching is not what Sandi does, it’s who she is. From staying right with you where you are, to moving you towards the results you want, Sandi does a superlative job.

I believe that what makes her soar above the crowd is her unique combination of modalities and disciplines from which she has studied and pulls, coupled with her own (considerable) life experience and her compassion and love for humanity.

She is determined that all beings should and could live in joy, and it is to that end, quickly and expertly, that she steers her clients.She has turned me around many times in a few minutes, from absolute despair and loss, to absolute clarity and joy-conditions that without her coaching would have taken days or weeks from which to recover.

I recommend Sandi to anyone who wishes to get unstuck, or make great strides to move forward, or accelerate, from where they were to whatever (or whoever) they want to become. She’ll get you there. Rhonda Freed, S. Burlington, VT


Coaching with Sandi is one of the most validating experiences I have ever had. Her intuitions, brilliant insight, along with her crystal clear clarity, amaze me. I walk away feeling refreshed and renewed knowing I AM on the right path. She’s the best! – MB Morrisseau, Vermont


Belief System Challenge: Sandi did an excellent job taking me from a frustrated and stuck place to a place of opening & allowing. She is a breath of fresh air and an amazing mentor/coach. Thank You Sandi – VH


Sandi’s coaching technique is professional, gentle, guiding, and leads right to the core of your goal. Each time before a coaching session with Sandi, I am feeling somewhat unsure about whatever my current situation or experience may be. After our session, I feel clear, self-assured, and courageous. Sandi’s gentle guiding and questioning quickly leads me to the place of more confidence, ready to go forward with whatever action need be taken…………..or not. I am always reminded in our sessions, through my own thought processing and the coaching process, how powerful I am.That Sandi’s service is readily available and she is so joyful about helping out, gives me the security of knowing I can easily receive coaching when I need it. Now, that’s excellent customer service!!! My self-care is of prime importance to me. There is no amount of money that could be charged that will keep me away from such a fine practitioner. AND Sandi is incredibly fair in her pricing.For a quick boost, or a more lengthy term of care, Sandi can surely help you change your life!!!!! ~ LH


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  • Sandi brings a wealth of training, education and experience to her coaching sessions. Formal training includes:
  • International Coach Federation Certfied Life Coach
  • Certified Prosperity Coach
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s level training in Psychology with a focus on Wellnes, Nutrition and it’s impact on behavior and development, and Family Systems Theory.
  • Master’s in Business Administration
  • 10 years experience in the mental health system as a Family Intervention Specialist
  • 10 years in-depth study of the Science of Deliberate Creation
  • 8 years as a foster parent and a single parent for her now adult-daugther


Experience in the mental health system revealed that standard psychology practices were mostly backwards-looking and symptom-based. Coaching has emerged as a forwards-looking, strengths-based practice which really allows people to blossom into the ideal lives they came to live. For Sandi, the call to coaching was clear, remarkable, and powerful. The co-creative experience, in which all participants are uplifted, is deeply satisfying and continually expansive. It is an honor to work with folks as they remember their true power to create.