Whose path? What path? OR: What Am I Doing In This Handbasket?

Sometimes it seems like we think that there is some elusive “chalkboard in the sky” that holds the secret meaning of our lives and the purpose of life in general. We imply that if we could only locate that elusive chalkboard, we would know the meaning of life, the purpose of OUR lives, and therefore, what we should DO with our lives. What if you knew FOR SURE that the meaning of life was whatever YOU choose for it to be, would you do anything different?

What story of your life do YOU prefer to tell?

Your ONLY Job Is To Make The Best of It!

Your ONLY job is to make the best of it, regardless of what “it” is! A good subtitle, but long, would be: OR: You Gotta Be As Willing To Argue For Your Forward Motion As Much as You Did For Your Limitations. Whew! Long, but worth it! Are you? Are you among those who set their intention to have a best-possible life experience by choosing to intentionally manage your focus? Simplified, sure, but really that’s the root of it, isn’t it?

How is it, anyway, that we come to, as a habit, make the worst of things, or to play up things not going right? It all springs from good intentions. For example: your neighbor goes to the new restaurant and has a meal that isn’t up to snuff. When they see you, they tell you about it. Why? Because they don’t want you to go there and have a bad experience. Their intentions are good. But what happens then is that it can become a practiced habit of thought and word to look for things to be warned about. There’s that, then of course all the things our parents warned us about and so many other things like that. So we just got trained, like those around us, to point out things going wrong. So really, it’s about training ourselves as much as we can, whenever we can, to intentionally be an optimist. Or to focus intentionally on the things that go well. How do you think your life would be better if you intentionally made the best of it, regardless of what “it” is? In what area do you “awfulize” things, events or people in your life? What one thing could you do to soften something related to that? Perhaps understanding that they are only doing the best they can to figure it out as they go along just like the rest of us? Perhaps apply that to yourself about something?

How do you cure sloppy focus? OR: Morning Practice To Start Your Day

It’s official! Pretty much any wellness oriented school of thought recommends some form of meditation. The advantage of doing even  5 -15 minutes, first in the morning, is marked. The first thing in the morning part is hard for some; getting up earlier isn’t calling them! However, the difference is significant! If you allow yourself that time first thing in the morning, before you already have a lot of momentum to your focus, the effect of starting your day out feeling better has an exponential impact over time. Is there any way at all you can use 5 of your morning minutes to be still in any way? Even if it’s just to stop and breathe intentionally and deeply for one minute, this practice is an investment in your focus! Later on, you’ll be less likely to have to clean up messes from sloppy focus, kinda like the old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

The Movie of Our Lives: Who is Directing?

Using the analogy of a movie for our lives can be useful. We play roles, others play roles and our interactions and the attendant effects of all of that is the fabric of our lives. But where do we take our cues from? Are you running around, trying to please a bunch of others, mostly only feeling  partly successful at it? We do direct our lives, even if we are directing them to be at the behest of others. What about it? Do you want to be in the directors chair? In what ways are taking your cues from your environment that aren’t serving you well? The measure, of course, is how does it feel? If it feels right, it is; if it doesn’t, then it isn’t, at least for you right now. What one small change can you make right now that will be a move back towards taking back the directing of YOUR life?

Yay! Our Inner Skeptics (or: Prove to yourself the Power of Law of Attraction)

Our inner skeptics are often pretty well developed. And that’s a good thing! Prove to yourself the power and precision of Law of Attraction by watching for evidence that what you focus on grows.  There’s endless ways! What ones work easily for you? My first car was a little orange Honda Civic. When I bought it, I hadn’t seen any. Once I started driving it, seemed like they were all over the place! OR: think about hummingbirds (or something of the like that you have no resistance about). Think about the details about hummingbirds. About how masterful they are at flying. So much so, that they are the only creature that can actually fly backwards! What other cool details are there about hummingbirds? Spend a while focused on hummingbirds. Now watch over the next little while ~ hummingbirds can come to you in so many ways! From pictures to flowers, they’ll show up! Give your skeptic the information it is looking for. Show it that the Law of Attraction is reliable and consistent. Post below any ways you have come to know that what you focus on grows!

Feel Better on Purpose

The only difference between Creating your life on purpose, and creating it by default, is where you choose to place your focus.

If there are things in your life that you have and don’t want, or that you do want and don’t have, regardless of what it is, it is ONLY about air time. To that same extent, is how much of your life you are creating your experience on purpose. 

How can you easily or effortlessly increase the amount of air time you are focused in such a way that you feel good? For some people, it’s music, for others, a hobby or sport.

It doesn’t matter what you focus on that feels good; just find something that does feel good and focus there as often as you can. Easy!

Coming Next: YAY for your inner skeptic! OR: Prove to yourself the power of LOA


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